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one in a million just for you

and you know

eulogy for the man I never knew -

Hey/Did you hear about so-and-so/The connection I have is weak/But funny how it seems so big/Something like this seems oh so big/And overpowers my thoughts/Till all my mind sees/Is connected to it/I want to know how you feel/And if I could feel too/Its like screaming inside/Just to see if they hear/Life seems to be insane/Although I know theres a reason/Even though at times I dont know why/And then I lie back and wonder/Why my life seems so mixed up/And then I know why/Yet I still remain the same.

Thoughts - Dreaming all day long, /My thoughts filled with things/That drift far from this reality/And grow more and more./And its all I can do/To just try to keep here/Doing what Im supposed to be doing./Yet there seems a greater call, /Dragging me away/Into something so much more

Why dont you tell it/Like its supposed to be/cuz how it is just kills me/and when we see the way it couldve been/somehow, somehow it sometimes helps/the pain it goes away/and yet sometimes it still cuts like a knife.

Cmon, cmon, cmon/Just tell it/The way you love to hear.

Devious Arts -

Forsaken yet forsaking/On the verge of tears and still asking for more./Life seems so unfair, and not just to one;/It hurts all, subtracting penalty for all and any joy. /I remember each and every time /Some seem like yesterday, /And others are yesteryear./Life is a memory, and love a flash of it./Screaming it out loud is a desire/Another suppressed emotion no one wants to hear./Hot summer nights make me cry/The solitude of those late night drives brings a tear to my eye. /If its not one its another, /And still I know the blame lies inside./The faulty heart is nearer than a breath, /Not across that expanse of ocean.

There is a call I hear/Stretching across the waters;/Is it echoes of my loneliness?/Or the answer from across the ages./Hope lies elsewhere, /Myself I cannot trust/Deception is a game nearly perfect for this one; /Its art so finely tuned, /Not even the master recognizes anymore; /Its evil turned inward/Cutting to the core.