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South Korea Trip 2002

A few mementos from July 15 - 28, 2002

A Mother's Love
     by Mia Loebach & Pamela Moren
She gave me life
     You showed me how to live
She gave me eyes to see
     You opened them to the world
She left me crying
     You dried my tears
Her fear of leaving was comforted
     By your open arms
She gave me hope for a future
     You made my dreams come true
She gave me fear and insecurity
     You gave me courage to be strong
I'll never know who she was
     But when I look in the mirror
     Part of what I see is her
She gave me pain
     You gave me closure
She gave me beauty
     You gave beauty within
Quietly she prays for me
     And in my silence I hear her prayer
Her love gave me to you
     And your love lead me back to her

If there is anything from the trip that you would like to see posted here, just email Brent and let him know about it.