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dropped down, spun around, left for dead, and here I am for you

Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy it.  Seeing as a large percentage of people consider the Forum the most exciting part of the site, I would definitely reccommend stopping by there, and dropping a line, or two, or more.  Or, swing by my blog/journal and leave a comment, thought, question, or anything of that nature.  Thanks for checking out my site!
[3 April 2004] Transferred my easyjournal over to - that offered me a few more options I wanted to try out.
[9 May 2004] Switched a few things around on the site, and added some more pictures.  The pictures are now all linked from the Photos page.
[24 May 2004]  Added a few more pictures from the Victoria Day long weekend...

"All their lives are pretty pictures clouding my eyes"

from Forever December
by Tabitha's Secret

Club Trois

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