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just a few thoughts

Midnight Driving

Days like these
Make me feel like running
Far, far, away
From all the problems that I face
The things that break me down
And I truly do believe
That the only thing that keeps me hangin' around
Is midnight driving.

Ode to the Beat (version one)

Somedays I sit here and wonder
Why it all goes
In and out of me
Through my head like a hole
And then that beat begins again
And opens my mind right up
It beats over and over
And gets me right up out of bed
So I write this ode to the beat
And tell you right now to believe
Cause the beat will not slow you nor stop you
but keep you from not making a peep.

ode to the beat (version two)

here I sit
hammerin out that same beat
the one that fills my head
when its not supposed to.
I should be enhancing
Constantly in growth
Making great the knowledge
Supposedly to be found in my head.


what I would do for your love
well I guess thats the unknown
cause I havent known it
and Im dying inside just to feel it
ready to give all just to find it.


You can see the world
All around you now
And it will grow
More different every day
But dont forget
About me now
Remember what weve known today.


Its night yet again
And I lie here thinking of you
The hour is young
But seems oh so old to me
Time flys by oh so slow
When were apart
I need you near
So I can whisper in your ear
And tell you how much you meant to me.

Well, some may call me a fool
A burnt-out light, without a spark
At least to their eyes, anyways.
Cause deep inside I cover up
For who knows what reason
The way I feel about you
And somewhere inside I long
To let you know just how I feel.

Somedays it seems that maybe you care
Yet others, my mind tells me Im wrong
So I try to lie to the heart
And tell it Im no good, youre too far
Away on that cloud of unattainable dreams
Reserved for someone better than me.

So I conclude this thought for now
Or at least its record for you
Ill lie and wonder about the show
Called my life
And contemplate you
In this dark, somber mood.

Worlds Apart

Tell me again
How it is
That a man can be
So torn between worlds
Encircling him from all sides.
One seems right,
Full of what mind longs for heart
To long for.
Another is scorned by the next
And viewed as crude, shallow, outsided
While it fills the lust for life one has.
Number three is miles apart from the others
For him
But it offers the thrill of the ride
The one he knows so well
Yet never has taken.
Now this doesnt even begin to cover
The countless others
Too vast to conceive simultaneously
And somehow he must choose
Between it all
Where he shall be
And whom will be there to do it all with him
Choices cannot be random
Though tears mark each one
Of what may be
Or couldve,


misery is not knowing You
being far away
on a journey of no joy
labouring in darkness
trying to prove my point
even though I know Im wrong
deep down inside.


be who you are
not what you want
learn to live
and stop living a lie
cause if you arent happy
with all that you got now
well, you just might turn and watch it all go,
tired of the wait
ready to move on to life
and out of the cage.

So dont be that
Be this
And give me a smile to show
Ive somehow gotten through.


why does fall seem so coloured
seasoned by all you can find?
Youths encircled in youth
Trying to find a deeper meaning
Convinced it wants to be found
When chance says one in a million
We all say were the one
And so soon comes the winter of the moment.
Periods of uncertainty
Someone tell it to me

Days of Our Lives

These are the days of our lives
Days of endless good times
While were here now they seem so close;
So near to us, so full of hope.
Dont let those times fade
Dont let go of your youth
Remember all of your dreams
The wink of an eye, a crooked smile
And never, ever
Let your life
Fade into
A memory

The Hopeless Romantic

He treads the uneven path
Ever unsure of where his emotions lie
Constantly shifting emotions
Midnight roving
Trying to find the one
Hoping to be right
And wishing he knew
How she felt
What she thought
Whether hes a fool for thinking
She might be thinking, too.
Why the rules rule
And torture his heart
Making him live ever unsure
Until his one and only
Perfect and complete in his eyes
Finds him and ends his journey
Of emptiness
And begins his life of love.

Confront your innermost desires and dreams.

Time After Time

Time after time
Ive sat here and thought
Just trying to figure it out
And answer that question why
And time after time
Ive come to the same
Conclusion that tell me
We may never know
Because weve all been searching
Trying to figure it out
But some things are all
Right up to Him.
At times it seems cruel
And even insane
But here Ive been sitting
Just wondering why
And now I believe
Its up to us
Because hates filled the hearts
And thoughts of the world
So what can we do
To bring peace to all
If theres to be
Hope for tomorrow
We have to start now
And tell all of love
The Word of the Lord
And the way through all of this.


emotions which drive me unto intolerable anguish
are like the bird in the sky
like an eagle she soars high above me
dark and majestic
with graceful curves
she moves
and drives me to tears at my naivety.


now heres a little shout out
to all those who choose
to live like theres nothing underneath
like we all aint got souls
maybe they dont know it
or are just too messed up to care

sometimes I can seem worldly
or unworried about the far future
but deep down inside of me
I think of every possibility
Every little smile,
Every glance you think I dont see
I wanna be normal
But I seem to see things others dont
Or maybe its all in my mind

Lifes too short
The days speed by way to fast
If I choose to wait
Ill beat myself up about it
I cant bring myself to ask her
Cause I cant decide
Whether its really her
Or just me

Sometimes I might seem unconcerned
Or even carefree
Sitting here now I wonder
If those near me even know
The way I really feel.


Uncertainty knows him well
Day to day he wonders
What will become of his life
If he dares to take that chance
To step out on that limb
To show his true emotions

What if they all laugh
Or label him
What if she turns away
Or even worse
Says it was all in his mind

How can we live
From day to day
If we live in the fear
Of insecurity
If we all show
What we really mean
And how we really feel
Maybe the world would be
A better place
Or would it turn into
A place filled with filth and lies

He could tell her his true feelings
And she might become
His true love
But what if she turns away
Or tells him that
She dont think hes the one
Now he dont know for sure
And hes not certain where to turn
But if he turns his back now
Or waits a little to long
Shell walk away
And hell end up living
With her as his biggest loss

Now if we all learn to take a chance
And stepped out on a limb
We all might find someone or something
Weve been dying inside to realize
Even though we dont always see it
Our hearts are cryin to feel it
No, dont let it walk away
And never stop running the race
But just keep going after
What our minds aint letting us chase
And our hearts know we need.


On the eve of this night
I lay here and reflect
Over the events of this past year
Looking past all the hype
And all of the glamour
What does one see
Of that which is noble and true
Did we do the things we wanted to
And show the others the way we felt
So heres a little advice this year
Take a second to look back
Before you push on through

Writing is just having a sheet of paper, a pen, and not a shadow of an idea of what you're going to say.
- Francoise Sagan