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This would be one of my dormmates, Kevin Vanderheide.  He's originally from Sarnia, ON, and enjoys hitting up the concerts and playing guitar.  He's got 3 of his here, and we jam around on them and eventually hope to get something together for Coffeehouse at Redeemer.


This is Karen Hartemink, yet another Redeemer student.  I met Karen at some point when I was in highschool.  I went to Prov with some of her cousins and got to know her through hanging out with them.  Karen is one of those people that you can always go to for the honest truth and sound advice.  She also gets great pleasure out of making fun of me... somehow we cope.


This confused child would be Darren Sinke, another member of the dorm 3 population.  He hails from St. Catharines, is a graduate of Heritage Christian School, and a current member of Redeemer's Student Senate.  He's also the keeper for the RUC Varsity soccer team, the very team that managed to win three games this schoolyear.  According to his roommate, "He has bowed legs."


Matt Groot is Darren's roommate, another member of dorm 3.  He's from Burnaby, British Columbia.  He's the one that the dorm 3 hockey team is named after (The Groots) and a big part of the reason that the team has made it to the floor hockey playoffs at Redeemer.


I couldn't actually find a picture of my roommate on his own, so I had to resort to one of the many pictures of Craig Vanderveen being a ladies man.  He truly is (had to buddy).  Craig's from Carmen, Manitoba, and is convinced that a lot of people in Ontario are way bigger hicks than he is, AND HE COMES FROM MANITOBA.  Craig is an awesome guy to hang out with, and continually finds the greatest insights and sayings to bring up.


This is Elizabeth Grace Vanderdeen, a.k.a. Beth or even Bethie.  I probably met Beth first around the time I was trying to learn to walk, and eventually we wound up in the same kindergarden and grade 1 classes.  At that point, her family moved to Strathroy, and I didn't see her until 10th grade, when she started at Prov.  Before long we were friends and managed to survive the rest of highschool.  She goes to Redeemer now, so I've got a few more years of going to the same school as her.


Justin Gerard DeHaan, also known simply as "Gus."  Gus is another Redeemerite, at least for this year.  I can't say I know anyone else just like him, which is probably connected to why so many people know who he is, and remember him.  He's always got something funny to say, and is a great at giving advice in regards to anything related to your computer, car, or stereo.  And guitar.  He drives a Mazda 626 with a few extras, so if you ever see one and hear loud exhaust and a beating system, that'll most likely be him.


Bethany was a year ahead of me at Prov, but we still managed to have some good times & laughs there.  I think there was some event involving 180 degrees, a Ford Escort, and the FM96 button on the stereo that always bring back memories.


My entire grade 12 class, minus the two teachers in this picture (although they were good teachers too).  We've had some seriously great times together, and I'd have to say that on the whole, Prov was an amazing experience together, something I know that I'll never forget.  This picture is from our senior camping trip to MacGregor Point.  Have to love all that sand we were looking forward to, eh?

"And if I stay lucky than my tongue will stay tied, and I won't betray the things that I hide.  There's not enough years underneath this belt for me to admit the way that I felt."
    - Seven Mary Three, "Lucky"